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BTS's Jimin's Ripped Thighs Are Making ARMYs Feel All Sorts Of Feels, As You Can See In These 10+ Thirst Tweets That Are Funny AF

When it comes to talking about “muscles” in the K-Pop industry, most fans would bring up the toned abs of their favorite idols.

For example, in BTS, the abs of practically every member is a popular topic…

…especially the abs of BTS’s Jiminwho first flashed his abs during their performance of their debut song, “No More Dream”.

But did you know that appreciating the muscles of your favorite mochiisn’t limited to just his perfectly toned abs?

Thousands of ARMYs adore and appreciate Jimin’s powerful thighs as well.

Here are thirst tweets about Jimin’s thighs that are funny and relatable AF — don’t drink water while reading them!

1. Hobi’s hand is everyone’s spirit animal

oh to be hobi’s hand on jimin’s thick thigh

— …★ (@liIjiminvert) April 24, 2020

2. He’s a favorite

jimin be like: juicy lips, thicc thighs, tiny waist and big fat asz, incredible personality and tons of talent… wow god really has favorites..

— daphne⁷₈⁵ (nsfr) (@hoboulis) April 24, 2020

3. Jungkook’s really out there doing what ARMYs want to do

but the way jungkook grabs jimin's thighs as soon as he jumps on his back 🥺

— juls (@jikookheart) April 19, 2020

4. Is help really necessary when it’s something you signed up for?

jimin’s thighs in these pants help

— 𝐌𝐀𝐈⁷₁₃ (@smpjmth) April 18, 2020

5. The 20, 000+ likes in this post says a lot about the general thirst of ARMYs

jimin put ur thighs on phone

— …★ (@liIjiminvert) April 13, 2020

6. It’s something Jimin stans ask themselves every night before going to sleep


— '3'…! (@teenyjimi) February 9, 2020

7. They’re soulmates for a reason, after all

the way jimin grabbed taehyung’s mullet and the way taehyung held jimin’s thighs, very cursed i think

— ⁷𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘢 ₁₃ (@vmintine) February 7, 2020

8. The complete duality

jimin's body is so interesting like

soft face soft hair soft nose soft lips elegant neck + collar bones BIG CHEST BIG ARMS ᵗᶦⁿʸ ʷᵃᶦˢᵗ ᵗᶦⁿʸ ʰᵃⁿᵈˢ ⭐️butt⭐️ THIGHS THAT COULD CRUSH A THOUSAND SKULLS pretty dancer feet

— shmoopy tater tot⁷⋆ (@pixelplume) January 31, 2020

9. Honestly, where’s the lie, though?

Jimin could like crush me with those thighs and I wouldn’t mind

— el⁷ loves jimin✨ (@jiminsmemories) January 4, 2020

10. He’s a perfectly toned sculpture with the face of an angel

so jimin has not only big tiddies but also a big ass thicc thighs slim pretty waist plump lips and gorgeous face

— ⁷ #mytime (@jeonlvr) December 10, 2019

11. Everyone, say, “thank you, Jimin’s stylist!”

bless jimin in those tight leather pants showing his thicc thighs as he moves his hips

— STEFFY⁷ (@_kittycatmeow) October 27, 2019

12. He’s one in a billion

small waist, thicc thighs, long legs, effortless grace, pretty face — who tf is doing it like park jimin????

— zai⁷︎ ♡︎ (@awjiminie) October 26, 2019

13. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries

what if jimin has a huge tattoo on his thigh but we simply dont know about it???????????

— 𝔥𝔞𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔶 🔪 5.2k nsfr (@agustd_twts) October 26, 2019

14. So that‘swhy a lot of ARMYs have “ghost” on their usernames

that ass those thighs the way he rolls his body park jimin you did it you killed me

— closed (@kmntokyo) June 22, 2019

15. He’s worked for it, so he deserved to get it

while y’all are laughing at jimin’s

teleportation powers I’m over here

like damn son, I knew it couldn’t be

just pilates doing… no wonder you’re

getting all thick boooy… wow, thighs

— RM PICS 🎙⁷ (@RMPICS_twt) May 9, 2019

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