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Mockery definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

( m ɒ kəri


1. uncountable noun

If someone mocks you, you can refer to their behavior or attitude as mockery .

Was there a glint of mockery in his eyes?

2. singular noun

If something makes a mockery of something, it makes it appear worthless and foolish.

This action makes a mockery of the administration's continuing protestations of concern.

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mockery in American English

( ˈmɑkəri


noun Word forms: plural ˈmockeries


a mocking (in various senses)


a person or thing receiving or

deserving ridicule

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Word origin

ME moquerye < OFr moquerie

mockery in British English

( ˈmɒkərɪ


noun Word forms: plural -eries


a person or thing that is


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