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The Sw7 platform is for B2B technology businesses that are looking for support as they launch, grow and scale without the requirement to give up equity or to join a formal “programme”. Open to businesses at every life stage, you can sign up at any time and stay for as long as you need.

The Sw7 Platform offers business strategy support ranging from bespoke board advisory to digital self-service, blending data-driven decision making tools and content with the OKR (Objective Key Results) framework to ensure a measurable outcomes approach, complimented by insights from a strong peer community of B2B technology businesses and additional support from our mentors, investors and technology platform partners Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

Sw7 have supported & mentored 300+ technology businesses from early stage to growth, funding, scaling and exit with insights from 100+ experienced Technology Founder CEOs & Investors.

For Technology Businesses

Assess Your Business

Receive insights on what you need to do next & how to take your business forward with an overview of your Product Market Fit, Business Viability, Scale and Execution. Complete your business assessment online, in your own time for free.

Inform Your Strategy

Access content curated for your life stage, sector and market. Select decision-making support resources from a customised blend of sector relevant articles, best-practice methodologies, ‘how to’ templates, playbooks, checklists, data insights and market maps.

Set Your Goals

Create greater focus, accountability and transparency for your team around priorities, resources and outcomes by setting, prioritising and sharing your strategic business goals ( OKRs ) and metrics in your private workspace.

Business Network

Join our community network of technology founder CEOs who bring knowledge, experience, shared insights and learnings in a peer-to-peer collaborative commons approach that includes community and curated digital dial-ins, workshops, meetups and events.

Outcomes Based Approach

Sign up to digital sessions that include Investor Readiness, Product Market Fit, Messaging & Positioning, Creating Your Go To Market Strategy, Building Your Sales Funnels, Managing Complex Sales Cycles, Expanding Offshore or schedule a bespoke workshop on a topic relevant to your business.

Our Support Partners

Engage with us to find the support you need from our cloud platform partners and legal advisory partners to our bespoke service with introductions to our mentor, investor and corporate networks for commercial deals that match your business with their mandate.

Track Your Progress

Make your business more investible and sustainable by building confidence into your projections as you track the progress of your strategic goals (OKRs) with a Business Dashboard that shows you the lead as well as the lag indicators.

Sw7is a fully digital ecosystem acceleration platform that blends access to network, technology partner support and resources curated for and co-created by Founders, CEOs, COOs and CTOs of B2B ISVs and technology-enabled businesses.

The Sw7 Platform

enables businesses and Portfolios or Entrepreneurial Support Organisations to create and support a curated business network of B2B ISVs and technology-enabled businesses who are navigating the business journey from product-build to market-readiness and product-market fit to investor readiness, accelerating growth, scale, funding and exit.

Portfolio Membership

is highly customisable serving both the community of businesses launching and scaling and Portfolios and Programme Managers looking to offer support to these businesses. Members can engage with a community of mentors, join curated collaborative peer forums and advisory groups for knowledge, ideas exchange and co-creation of actionable business templates and attend private 1-to-1 sessions and workshops.

Supported by our technology partners

Amazon and Microsoft who offer guidance on optimising product architecture for scale, reducing costs and improving access to market, the platform offers easy set up with automated dashboards providing real-time insights and progress tracking from screening and onboarding to engaging large communities of entrepreneurial businesses in different verticals with communications streams in public or private community spaces. Gain insights on where to focus your cash, time, mentors, hosting credits, service providers, internal business team or services. Plan, allocate and manage multiple resources more effectively.

Business Content & Resources

are available as a structured curriculum or alternatively the business can access resources and content that is life stage appropriate as and when they need it. Market and community relevant resources include business diagnostics, data intelligence, market IQ, customisable business templates including a pitch deck builder and checklists which are curated for and by the network members providing shared actionable insights and guidance on the journey of building product, market readiness and commercialisation, getting to product market fit, building sales funnels, growing and scaling offshore, developing a high engagement employee culture, building processes that scale, sourcing technology and managing the funding journey.

Platform Partners

If you have launched or are launching a technology product the Sw7 team would love to work with you. Sign up with Sw7 here or join with one of our platform partner tracks.

Sw7 and Amazon Web Services have teamed up to deliverAfrica’s first Virtual B2B Technology Business Accelerator

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