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a reply to: saladfingers123456

*Disclaimer*: For those who don't think this topic is relevant to Q, please recall that it was Q who brought Freemasonry into the fray; it is one

single strand in Q's overall narrative that should not go unaddressed. I don't think I'd be here if HE/SHE/IT hadn't.

I didn't post that as an attack on you

You don't need to defend yourself through connection to the org. but it should make you question why those connections are there

Don't worry, I didn't take your post as an attack on me personally. That would be stupid of me and, I know you don't think I'm stupid. I merely wanted

to show you the other side to the argument. Did you read the page at the link I posted where the *Pike/KKK* connection is debunked? I'm not so sure

you did.

Here it is again: KKK and More

There is no connection between Pike/Freemasonry and the KKK. That is another lie, and it has led many people to falsely conclude that, as a whole, Freemasons are a bunch of racists, among other horrible things. Some kook out there could take that idea (and/or others) to an unreasonable and

dangerous level - especially now with everything that's going on.

I do believe you sit within an organisation that stands as a gate to much darker aspects of humanity

Can you be more specific? That's too broad of a statement for me to address. Give me one example of how Freemasonry "stands as a gate to much darker

aspects of humanity"! You can't make that sort of claim without backing it up with some evidence. Is that your opinion, or is it a fact?

groups within groups within groups. But secret societies exist. They work within established groups that contain secrets. The Freemasons are not a

secret, but they contain secrets


While it is a fact that no one person or organization speaks for all of Freemasonry, it is important to note, also, that it is equally applicable to

ex-Masons or anti-Masons who purport to do just that.

When you read about *super-secret sub-groups* working within Freemasonry, I would advise you to check your sources more carefully. Where did you get

that information from; who published it? What is the motive?

You did not provide me with an example of one of those sub-groups. I'll wait.

ignorance of any deeper secrets is by design

It must be a very poor design, as you seem to have some knowledge of the existence of "deeper secrets". You claim to know there are "deeper secrets"

within Freemasonry, yet I'll wager you can't even identify a single one, with proof. Why? It's because there are no "deeper secrets" within


protected by public facing good works and good men

We do our very best to vet our petitioners before balloting. On rare occasion, some are blackballed and, only the individual(s) who dropped the black

ball into the ballot box knows for sure the reason why. After a second ballot, if it turns out it wasn't a mistake and the dude gets blackballed a

second time, his candidacy for initiation is denied. It's not a perfect system but, it has been fairly effective over the centuries in preventing 'bad

apples' from getting in and *spoiling the bunch*.

That is to say, some 'bad apples' have managed to pass our very critical examination of his life and motives, and have slipped in. We suspend members

if they are ever found guilty of a crime in a court of law. The Masonic "good works and good men" you see out there actually do exist. It's not an

ostentatious exercise; it's, rather, truly a genuine practice. It's one of our main tenets: Brotherly love, RELIEF and truth.

same symbolism used by the FM organisation, but this is because all symbolism is based upon the same principles and origins

If that were accurate, those other groups would be indistinguishable from Freemasonry. You couldn't tell us apart. You may believe they are using "the

same symbolism" as us but, they are not using it in our own distinct way that distinguishes us from them. You would know exactly what I meant if you

were a Freemason yourself.

without doubt, there are FM connections within a lot of institutions that make many people uncomfortable

Show me one example of "FM connections within a lot of institutions". If their own beliefs about Freemasonry "make people uncomfortable", I can only

ask them to challenge those beliefs and to question where they come from. By doing so, you will find out your fears and suspicions are unfounded and

baseless. Scales, as it were, would fall from your eyes.

Out of interest do you have any understanding of the number 2368? I think if not, then you're not close enough to where the biggest beliefs/secrets

really begin nor why.

I have no idea what "the number 2368" means. What does it mean to you? Please, do enlighten me! I guess that means you *are* "close enough to where

the biggest beliefs/secrets really begin", and you know "why"?

Respectfully, CM